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Reports made available by ACHASM

TitleSize DescriptionCreated Date
PDFIntroduction of H&S Preliminaries within the Eastern Cape 291.51 KbDownload Report written by R.A. Malan - Department of Quantity Surveying, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and J.J. Smallwood - Department of Construction Management, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. This paper reports on the results of a study conducted relative to the introduction of health and safety (H&S) preliminaries into contract documentation on building projects within South Africa by considering three objectives. Firstly, to determine the extent of the lack of financial provision made by contractors with regard to H&S; secondly, to determine the causes of inadequate financial provision for H&S by contractors, and lastly, to investigate the introduction of H&S preliminaries in order to assist contractors in making adequate financial provision for H&S1/14/2020
PDFFinancial Provision for Construction H&S318.45 KbDownloadReport written by Professor John Smallwood & Fidelis Emuze; The paper reports on a follow up study conducted among general contractors. Findings include: the two widely used forms of standard conditions of contract make limited reference to or mention H&S; a preliminaries item predominates in terms of the manner which contract documents have facilitated / made financial provision for H&S; competitive tendering without reference to H&S marginalises H&S; a provisional sum should be provided for H&S in the preliminaries, and contractors generally do not determine the percentage H&S constitutes of tender and project cost. Conclusions include, inter alia, that H&S is marginalised by procurement practices, standard conditions of contract, and the lack of a structured approach to the facilitating of financial provision for H&S. Recommendations include, inter alia, that a detailed H&S section should be included in the Preliminaries section of Bills of Quantities. 1/14/2020
PDFConstruction Quality in SA - A Client Perspective2.70 MbDownloadAgainst this background, the cidb has undertaken this study on the quality of construction in South Africa. This investigation is undertaken largely from a client perspective (and largely from a public sector client perspective), and concludes by highlighting those actions that clients can implement to derive higher quality on their construction projects. The report investigates the factors impacting on construction quality through the value chain in creating new capital works, namely design, procurement and construction. 1/14/2020
PDFCHS in SA - Status and Recommendations (CIDB)1.41 MbDownloadImproving H&S in the construction industry continues to remain a priority - including being a priority for the cidb. Against this context, the cidb has undertaken this report on the status of construction H&S in South Africa, so as to provide a context for the efforts and actions of industry stakeholders and role players in improving construction H&S. However, given that priorities change, in the medium to long term, H&S needs to be included as a value in the construction industry.1/14/2020
PDFFeedback Report on an Exploratory Study ‘Preventing the Collapse of Reinforced Concrete (RC) Structures, Support Work and Formwork during Construction’399.88 KbDownloadWritten by Professor JJ Smallwood, Department of Construction Management, Nelson Mandela University (NMU). The continuing occurrence of ‘collapses’, both in terms of structure, and support work and formwork, underscore the need for a proactive approach to the addressing of the phenomena. Furthermore, there are ‘better practice’ construction firms in South Africa that subscribe to the concept of continuous improvement and ‘better practice’, and hence their willingness to participate in the study reported on. This report has been compiled primarily to provide feedback to the respondents, but also the South African construction industry. 12/3/2019
PDFRelationship between Degree of Risk, Cost and Level of Compliance to Occupational Health and Safety Regulations in Construction709.17 KbDownloadThis paper investigates the role of statutory health and safety (H&S) regulations in managing construction project risks. The study examines whether the decision made by contractors to comply with the regulations, the cost of compliance and savings of H&S regulatory requirements is influenced by the degree or level of risk, which the regulations are trying to prevent. By Abimbola Windapo (University of Cape Town, South Africa)3/12/2019
PDFEmployee involvement and empowerment in health and safety: A perception of small and medium contractors in South Africa82.62 KbDownloadA Study to determine the H&S elements indicative of SMEs, employee involvement and empowerment H&S practices and the influence of employee involvement and empowerment on H&S performance at project level. By Justus N. Agumba (Lecturer, Department of Construction Management and Quantity Surveying, University of Johannesburg); Jan Harm Pretorius (Lecturer , Department of Electrical Engineering); Theo Haupt (Visiting professor, University of Johannesburg)3/12/2019
PDFThe Performance of Construction Health & Safety Officers420.34 KbDownloadA study to determine the performance of CHSOs, barriers to the contribution of CHSOs to construction and construction H&S, and the potential of interventions to contribute to an improvement in CHSOs’ contribution to and impact on construction and construction H&S. By Professor JJ Smallwood & Dr. CH Deacon3/12/2019
PDFCompetencies required to manage Construction Health & Safety (H&S)238.06 KbDownloadThe paper reports on an exploratory study conducted by Professor JJ Smallwood, (Department of Construction Management, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University) and Professor TC Haupt, (Faculty of Engineering, Cape Peninsula University of Technology),to determine the surface health and safety (H&S) competencies, namely knowledge and skills, that Site Managers, Site H&S Officers, and Client Appointed H&S Agents (CAH&SAs) require to manage construction H&S.3/12/2019
PDFRegulatory Factors Contributing to a Building Collapse in South Africa811.88 KbDownloadPresented by Fidelis Emuze, Leonarda Van Eeden and Franco Geminiani at the CIB WBC16 in Tampere, Finland. 30 May - 3 June 2016 11/21/2017
PDFDraft feedback report on a study “Where does it hurt?”283.93 KbDownloadReference to the correct use of equipment / body, position when an instruction to execute a task is given to respondents, is infrequent as opposed to frequent.8/17/2014
PDFACHASM Report: Department of Labour CEO Breakfast, Emperors Palace: 28 September 201271.69 KbDownloadThe Department of Labour (DoL) has been marketing the changes and the stance of the Chief Inspector Mr Thobile Lamati, to reduce injuries, fatalities and occupational diseases at work. ‘The Road to Zero’ theme. 9/28/2012
PDFFeedback Report on a Study ‘FEM Special Award Recipients’299.63 KbDownloadThis report has been compiled to provide feedback to both respondents and non-respondents to the survey10/17/2011
PDFFeedback Report on a Study ‘Performance of Health and Safety (H&S) Officers’324.30 KbDownloadPrevious research findings and anecdotal evidence indicate that H&S Officers are lacking in terms of various competencies, are precluded from contributing to the management of H&S and sites, could be more effective, and require development.6/27/2011
PDFFeedback Report on a Study ‘Financial Provision for Construction Health and Safety (H&S)’244.03 KbDownloadContract documentation, documents, and other references do not address H&S to the requisite extent.4/8/2011
PDFFeedback Reprt on a Study ‘Roofing Health and Safety’271.99 KbDownloadH&S is not as important to roofing SubContractors as other project parameters, such as cost, quality, and time.10/10/2002