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Reports made available by ACHASM

TitleSize DescriptionCreated Date
PDFRegulatory Factors Contributing to a Building Collapse in South Africa811.88 KbDownloadPresented by Fidelis Emuze, Leonarda Van Eeden and Franco Geminiani at the CIB WBC16 in Tampere, Finland. 30 May - 3 June 2016 11/21/2017
PDFDraft feedback report on an exploratory study ‘preventing the collapse of RC Structures, Support work and Formwork during Construction’282.73 KbDownloadWritten by Professor John Smallwood, Department of Construction Management, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), 31 January 20165/27/2017
PDFDraft feedback report on a study “Where does it hurt?”283.93 KbDownloadReference to the correct use of equipment / body, position when an instruction to execute a task is given to respondents, is infrequent as opposed to frequent.8/17/2014
PDFACHASM Report: Department of Labour CEO Breakfast, Emperors Palace: 28 September 201271.69 KbDownloadThe Department of Labour (DoL) has been marketing the changes and the stance of the Chief Inspector Mr Thobile Lamati, to reduce injuries, fatalities and occupational diseases at work. ‘The Road to Zero’ theme. 9/28/2012
PDFFeedback Report on a Study ‘FEM Special Award Recipients’299.63 KbDownloadThis report has been compiled to provide feedback to both respondents and non-respondents to the survey10/17/2011
PDFFeedback Report on a Study ‘Performance of Health and Safety (H&S) Officers’324.30 KbDownloadPrevious research findings and anecdotal evidence indicate that H&S Officers are lacking in terms of various competencies, are precluded from contributing to the management of H&S and sites, could be more effective, and require development.6/27/2011
PDFFeedback Report on a Study ‘Financial Provision for Construction Health and Safety (H&S)’244.03 KbDownloadContract documentation, documents, and other references do not address H&S to the requisite extent.4/8/2011
PDFFeedback Reprt on a Study ‘Roofing Health and Safety’271.99 KbDownloadH&S is not as important to roofing SubContractors as other project parameters, such as cost, quality, and time.10/10/2002