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Clarity on the specification of registered persons appointed to provide services within the context of the Built Environment




We wish to advise that the SACPCMP is one of the six (6) Councils for the Built Environment Professions (CBEPs) that has been established by Acts of Parliament and in the case of the SACPCMP this is through Act No 48 of 2000.

 What is synonymous with each of these CBEP’s is that under Section 18 of the Act they prescribe the categories of Registration that reside under the ambit of each of these CBEP’s. 

We would like to provide clarity on the specification of the registered persons to be appointed to provide services within the context of the Built Environment.

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29-31 OCTOBER 2018 (MASTER CLASS: 29 OCTOBER 2018)



For a copy of the detailed Programme, click HERE


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Designing for Construction Health and Safety (H&S) Seminar


Westville Country Club (WCC), Durban, Monday, 29 October 2018

 The need for the Seminar

In terms of ‘Structures 6(1)’, the Construction Regulations require a range of health and safety (H&S) interventions by designers. Furthermore, there is a need in South Africa for holistically educated clients, project managers, architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, quantity surveyors, construction managers, and construction H&S consultants. Currently, most tertiary built environment programmes, particularly designer related, do not address construction H&S, and if so, then to a limited or cursory extent. 


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Upcoming ACHASM Events

Welcome to the Association of Construction Health and Safety Management


The Association for Construction Health and Safety Management (ACHASM) is a registered non-profit company and a recognized SACPCMP Voluntary Association (VA), established to provide all those working in the Construction Health and Safety (CHS) field with an advisory and representative body.

ACHASM is committed to promoting the professional interest of CHS Practitioners within the Built Environment, in terms of the Construction Regulations (2014).

Our Main Objectives are:

Maintain a close working relationship with the SACPCMP in an effort to promote the professional interest of Construction Health & Safety Practitioners within the Built Environment, in terms of the Construction Regulations (2014);

Promote and assist registration with the SACPCMP amongst its members, recommend to the construction industry community to promote registration of its employees;

Formulate requirements for training, knowledge, experience and continuous professional development (CPD) for members of the Association;

Encourage members to continually develop their skills through participation and attendance at CPD courses and seminars;

Encourage research and education into matters affecting health and safety in the construction industry, publish guidance notes and case studies on this;

Act for members in discussions with the Department of Labour and Government on all matters pertaining to the duties and responsibilities of SACPCMP registered CHS Practitioners, and their respective Candidate routes

Promote the services and skills of the registered members to clients and the public and to continue to improve the health and safety record of the construction industry;

Disseminate construction health & safety related information to the Association's members; field queries relating the construction health & safety and assist with incident investigations

Promote ethical practises and hold members to account where such standards are not being met.

Workplace Alternative Dispute Resolution

Workplace Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) consists of a variety of approaches to early intervention and dispute resolution. Many of these approaches include the use of a neutral individual such as a mediator who can assist disputing parties in resolving their disagreements. ACHASM has negotiated an agreement with RAG Strategists in order to enable members to receive this service at a reduced cost. 


Mediation Pricing.pdf


There has been a flurry of complaints lodged with the SACPCMP that don’t actually apply to the SACPCMP. I would urge our members to please follow the procedures that conform to the code of conduct


PI Insurance - Discounted Scheme for ACHASM Members

ACHASM in conjunction with SACPCMP has negotiated with Phoenix Risk Insurance Brokers to secure a specialised cost effective group PI insurance scheme for all professionally registered ACHASM Members.

Please click on the attachments for a summary of the covers provided.

ACHASM pi summary of cover.docx

20170726 ACHASM Costing.docx

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