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ACHASM Summit "A big success!"


The Annual ACHASM Summit took place in October this year. It was very well attended and, from all accounts, thoroughly enjoyed by all participants. 

The wide range of topics meant that there was something of interest for all participants.  A very big thank you to all of our guest speakers & to our main sponsor, PERI. without whom the 2 days could not have been as successful as what they were. 

From discovering hidden talents (thank-you Louis for all your IT support!), to hearing about all of the latest happenings in our Guest Speakers' areas of expertise, the 2 days proved to be an invaluable learning experience. 

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Posted by AchasmAdmin on Tuesday, November 08, 2016 Views: 126

Welcome to the Association of Construction Health and Safety Management

The Association of Construction Health and Safety Management is a registered (section 21) company and has been established to provide all those working as OHS Agents, OHS Consultants and OHS Managers/Administrators working in construction companies, under the terms of the Construction Regulations 2003 with an advisory and representative body to assist in the development of this field and activity.

The Association is a body for all who work as construction OHS Agents, OHS Consultants and OHS Managers/Administrators in South Africa enabling the construction industry to respond to the demand for those who are both trained and monitored.

The Association provides a Forum in which the necessary knowledge base can be developed and disseminated, provides guidance and training for Construction OHS Agents and for others affected by the Regulations, and provides a central source of information for clients seeking Construction OHS Agents, Construction OHS Consultants and Construction OHS Managers/Administrators.

SACPCMP has confirmed that membership with ACHASM results in 5 percentage points as part of the SACPCMP assessment. This is a once off. Then there are 5 CPD points available for attending the annual ACHASM conference.  There will of course be a conference discount for ACHASM members. ACHASM is also looking into other training opportunities which will most likely generate CPD points.

If you haven’t registered yet, now is the time.....!

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