The summit theme ‘The Role of Procurement and SCM in Construction H&S’ focuses on issues and processes related to appointing and managing stakeholders in terms of H&S. This focus will include the interface between clients, construction project managers, construction H&S agents, designers, quantity surveyors, contractors (construction managers), subcontractors (construction managers), and suppliers, including construction H&S managers and officers, and other stakeholders. The theme was identified due to the role of procurement and SCM in H&S, the issues that arise, and mention of the supply chain relative to ‘accidents’, and collapses in the media.   


Upon the 11th anniversary of the Association of Construction Health & Safety Management (ACHASM), the 7th annual event will take the form of a summit, which will provide a forum for construction industry stakeholders to address construction H&S related matters with emphasis on procurement and SCM in construction H&S. The summit will be commercial in nature and aims to stimulate interaction between all the stakeholders active in the industry.

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