Bytes Conference Centre, Halfway Gardens, Midrand, Friday, 14 September 2018


The first version of this unique seminar was first presented by Construction Research Education and Training Enterprises (CREATE) in Port Elizabeth on 3 December 2009. It evolved from the half-day South African Institute of Architectural Technologists (SAIAT) Construction Health and Safety Seminar presented on 17 May 2008 at SAIAT’s AGM in Port Elizabeth. More recently, an updated version was presented under the auspices of ACHASM in Bloemfontein on 13 March 2018, Port Elizabeth on 20 August, and East London on 21 August. It will be staged in Midrand in September, and other cities in October 2018.

Two of fifteen specific outcomes include an increased ability to: understand and appreciate the importance of a multi-stakeholder approach to construction H&S, and understand and appreciate the importance of addressing construction H&S during the design, planning, and documentation stages of a project.  

The seminar will be of relevance to architects, Construction H&S Agents / Managers / Officers, construction managers, contractors, engineers, inspectors, interior designers, project managers, quantity surveyors, and all interested construction role players.


The sixteen modules include: Introduction; Occupational safety; Occupational health (OH); Hazardous chemical substances (HCSs); Construction ergonomics; Role of designers in construction H&S; Client, project manager, quantity surveyor, and materials manufacturer inputs into designing for construction H&S; 6 Stages and Identities of Work and designing for construction H&S; Client ‘designer’ H&S specifications; Design hazard identification and risk assessments (HIRAs); Constructability; ‘Design and construction’ method statements; Designer reports; Designing for construction H&S models; Client ‘contractor’ H&S specifications; H&S method statements, and Financial provision for construction H&S.

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